98. ExposedGrant knew that his theorems were wrong even as he wrote them on the whiteboard. He could feel them waiting for him to finish so they could tear into them.

He had explained to Dr. Cornet his math wasn’t done yet (“Not done to my satisfaction” was the way Grant phrased it, trying to salvage what little dignity he could out of this disaster), but Cornet told him to put up what he had, and let the rest of the staff take a look. “Maybe someone will be able to provide the missing piece that will make it come together,” he said. Grant liked Dr. Cornet, but he also knew the man didn’t comprehend the reality of the situation; almost every member of the group lived to make the rest suffer. There was no invoking the Golden Rule here; that would require a prohibitive level of hypocrisy.

Grant was no exception. When Leon showed up unprepared to defend his findings two weeks earlier, Grant had been more than happy to pile on. There was, after all, pleasure in pack mentality. Now, out of the corner of his eye, he could see Leon smiling, making notes.

But Leslie Bracken wouldn’t leave much for Leon or the rest to pick over.

She was the only one who didn’t take joy in destroying her teammates, though; she did it because she believed it was the right thing to do. She was smart. Frighteningly smart.

It was one of things Grant loved about her.