87. ReturnMore than one person said it was time, and while Kurt didn’t feel any great motivation to “get back out there,” it was getting harder to avoid looking pathetic.

Which, he supposed, was its own kind of motivation.

“It’s been a year since the divorce,” his friend Jim said, “and you haven’t been on one date.”

“I haven’t felt the need,” Kurt said.

“Man, it’s been a year since, well, y’know,” Jim said. “If you haven’t felt the need, you might want to have your equipment checked out.”

It had actually been two years since Jim “y’know”ed — that last year of marriage hadn’t been the most friendly of times — but he kept that bit of information to himself.

Jim had offered to set him up with a friend of his wife’s, but Kurt knew there would be way too much pressure for that to succeed. He decided to check out the world of online dating.

He made a profile, where he was honest but generous with his details, and then searched.

Age? Plus or minus five years from his own. Location? Might as well stay local.

Way too many choices; he worried that he was in over his head.

He started to narrow down, using “interests” and “lifestyle,” which took some work, because he realized he had few interests and an almost-spartan lifestyle since the divorce.

He narrowed until one choice popped up. His ex-wife.

He logged out and decided to contemplate a third year of celibacy.