2015-04-06 12.34.11 pmYou might have noticed that another man is taking my place — a man named “David Falkirk,” or “Dave” to his friends. It’s not a hacker looking to take over some poor schmoe’s identity. It’s me trying to own my own identity.

I’ve decided that I’m going to make a true, full-out run at this author thing, but one of the problems is that my real name is so very common. I’ve been asked if I’ve started selling real estate (nope, same name but different guy in my area). I got a suspension notice — or, I should say, my mom got a notice that I had been suspended — in high school (nope, same name, different delinquent). A quick Google search for “David M. Davis” pulls up doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, professors, a bowler, and an author and authority on VMware (who’s got more than 13,000 followers on twitter). There was even a David Davis who was a writer and producer in the 1970s on many a famous sitcom (Taxi, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and others), and another who is currently a freelance filmmaker. Worse, there are two authors on Amazon with that name, along with a mandolin player and this (whatever it is). Pretty much every permutation of my name is taken by someone.

So, I could either challenge all my namesakes to a “Hunger Games”-esque competition, with one Dave Davis left standing to carry on the name, or I could take a pen name. I’m choosing the pen name route, because I don’t like my chances in an all out fight. There’s probably a body building hit man with my name who would win in a walk.

Thus, David Falkirk.

Why “Falkirk”? I figured if you’re gonna rename yourself (or at least rename your brand, if you want to get all market-y about it), it might as well mean something. Falkirk is a good Scottish name, it’s got “kirk” right there to feed my sci-fi geek needs and, more importantly, a Google search and Amazon search pulled up absolutely nothing.

So, I’ll answer to either name, but I figured it would be easier to start fresh with a unique name than to challenge all those other Daves to a “winner take all” affair. I’m a writer, not a fighter. Plus, the VM guy looks pretty fit.