78. Dogs“Please let it go. Please,” Jill said. She could tell, however, that Nathan wasn’t in a “let it go” kind of place.

“It’s wrong,” he said.

“So it is,” Jill said. “Life goes on.”

“But that sign said ‘Beware of Dog’s’!” he said, pointing at the business they had just passed. “The possessive of ‘dog.’ “Beware of the dog’s what? Teeth? Bark? Growl? Slobber? Delightful personality? What?”

“It was a mistake,” Jill said. This was not a new discussion with Nathan; he seemed to take typos in the wild personally, and took joy in pounding them into the ground. It was not, in her opinion, one of his better qualities. “They communicated the message. They have dogs, plural, and you should beware them.”

“But they went out of their way to add the apostrophe,” Nathan said. “Why would they….”

Jill was done. “Because they’re not sure how an apostrophe works, okay? Look, you’re an editor, and things like these drive you bananas. But some people don’t know how to use an apostrophe, and they get on with their lives just fine. I know that people who use ‘your,’ ‘you’re’ ‘there,’ ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ incorrectly stress you out. Sometimes, it’s better just to step back from the Internet.”

Nathan was silent for a moment, until he just couldn’t help himself.

“That wasn’t the Internet,” he said. “That was a real-world sign.”

“Your right,” Jill said. “Their wrong.”

“I know you’re using the wrong forms, y’know. In your head.”

Jill smiled.