75“It’s a simple question,” Seth said, standing in front of the blackboard art installation at the museum.

“And it’s anything but a simple answer,” Ty said.

“C’mon, ‘Before I die, I want to….’”

“It’s morbid, is what it is. It sounds like if I answer it, and then I actually do whatever it is I say I want to do before I die, then I’m ready to die.”

“Get into the spirit of it. Look, anytime you really say you want to do anything, the ‘before I die’ part is just understood.”

“Okay, then. Let’s say I want to try out the new Asian restaurant next Friday. Am I really saying ‘I want to try the new Asian restaurant before I die?’”

“Kind of, yeah,” Seth said. “It would be really awkward to drag your corpse there. Ruin the atmosphere. I mean, literally ruin it.”

“Yeah, I’m not answering it.”

Seth picked up the chalk. “Well, I’m gonna do it. Declare my intentions before I spin off of this mudball.” He wrote “Ask out Leslie L. out on a date.”

“Leslie? Really? She doesn’t strike me as your type.”

“You mean, you think she’s out of my league,” Seth said.

“Well, that’s another way of looking at it. It’s more blunt than I was thinking, but yeah, that’s the gist of it.”

Seth handed Ty the chalk. “Okay, your turn.” Ty sighed, then stepped up to the board and wrote “Watch Leslie shoot Seth down.”

“That’s cold, dude,” Seth said.