63. History“I’m not debating the pros and cons of states’ rights or the place of slavery in the plantation system of the old South,” Cory said. “I’m simply talking about historical accuracy, or the lack thereof.”

“I know,” Ken said. “I just find it amusing that you’re getting this bent out of shape because they didn’t put the Confederate flag on the top of this model of the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard.”

“It’s not that they didn’t put it — it’s that they removed it,” Cory said. “This model kit has been around for years, but in this iteration of it, they’ve removed the flag decal. Even stranger is that they’ve Photoshopped the flag out of the cast picture.” He pointed to the side of the box, and sure enough, the flag was gone.

“I still don’t….”

“This is nothing less than when members of the government fell out of favor in the early Soviet Union, they were erased from the official photographic record, pre-Photoshop.”

“I’m thinking it is actually something less than that….”

Cory was on a roll. “How are future generations supposed to make up their minds about how they feel about key parts of our history if that history is constantly being rewritten? It’s the basic premise of Orwell’s 1984, and it’s happening right in front of us.”

“Are you going to buy that or not?”

“Of course I’m going to buy it! You don’t often see as disturbing, yet concrete, example of political correctness.”