53. MailAlicia was going to be his wife. Glen knew it in his bones. All he had to do was convince her of it.

He felt like a Luddite, standing in the post office holding the small box in his hands, but there’s no arguing with the right tool for the job. Email wasn’t going to cut it.

The week they had spent together in Savannah had been glorious. There to give a presentation — it was only supposed to be for two days — he decided to take some stored-up vacation after meeting Alicia. Glen, a cautious man by nature, didn’t think twice.

He’d gone back a few times, and she visited him in Cincinnati a few more. Long-distance relationships were fine for a while, but he wanted something more, and he thought she just might, too.

He had worked hard to get where he was in the company, though. Alicia was an off-site programmer for a company located in California. She could relocate much more easily.

So, he filled a box with some Cincinnati-centric items — a mini-sculpture of the Eiffel Tower replica from Kings Island, a Red’s baseball cap, a DVD set of WKRP in Cincinnati — and hoped that the gesture would warm her up to the idea.

Just as he was about to put the package in the drop, though, his phone buzzed. He saw it was an IM from Alicia:


Maybe Savannah was worth another look, he thought.