52. RV“An RV,” Jim said, going over and pulling the advertising circular out of the distribution box marked “FREE.”

An RV could be the perfect solution, he thought. The kids were grown and moved out of state, He and Eileen were both retired. She had always wanted to travel more, and he always missed his creature comforts when they were gone for more than three days. He wanted to show her a good time in their golden years; she had been the glue that held everything together for the four decades they had been married. She deserved it. An RV might be the best of all worlds.

He thumbed through the circular, making notes on RVs that might work best for them. He gravitated towards the bigger ones — they could live comfortably in a large vehicle if they embraced the “RV Lifestyle,” if the ads were to be believed.

Jim eagerly showed Eileen the circular when she got home, pointing out the benefits of the vehicles he highlighted.

Eileen just rolled her eyes. “Remember the time we rented the moving truck, and you got it stuck under the overpass? Now, imagine that, except all over the country.”

“That was 20 years ago,” Jim said.

“And how many large vehicles have you driven since then?” she asked. “I love you, always have. But sometimes….”

There were times when Jim appreciated Eileen’s memory and attention to detail. As he pitched the circular in the garbage, however, this was not one of those times.