46. Paper“Hey, Phil, check this out. I just noticed something,” Jon called across the store’s aisle.

“What’s that?” Phil said, trying to find the right toner for the office printer, and wasn’t having any luck.

“You can buy all the colors of Monopoly money right here.”


“Seriously, take a look,” Jon said, pointing at the pastel paper selections. “I played the game just the other night. Look! There’s the pink, yellow, green… the $500 gold….”

‘That’s great,” Phil said. “C’mon. Lunch break is almost over, and I can’t find the right toner cartridge.”

“Do you know what this means?”

“You’re going to become a Monopoly money counterfeiter?”

“It means that it’s that much easier to develop our own board game.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Look, we both hate this job,” Jon said, and cut Phil off before he could object. “You said it yourself the other day — you feel like you’re selling your life one hour at a time. I feel the same way! So let’s do something about it! We’re both creative guys. Why not make a board game?”

“Because kids have computers now and would rather blow holes in aliens than collect rent?”

“C’mon, all great ideas begin with someone getting fed up with the status quo and deciding to do something about it,” he said.

“Have you been thinking about this?”

“Oh, I’ve been doing more than thinking. I’ve got rules. I just need you to come up with some designs.”

Phil found himself officially intrigued.