43. Front Row“I don’t know why you insist on sitting in the front row,” Marcie said.

“Because you feel immersed in the show,” Jacob said. “It’s the best way to feel a part of the movie.”

“It’s also the best way to feel motion sick, and get a first-class ticket to Stiff Neck-ville.”

They were the first people in the theater, which Marcie had expected since the movie didn’t start for 40 minutes. She loved Jacob, but sometimes his retentive ways drove her nuts. He wasn’t like this about everything in their lives, but there were certain activities for which he had very strong opinions.

“Also, we won’t have to look at cell phones in the dark, and no one will be talking right behind us,” he said. “They’re really the best seats in the house.”

“We also run the risk of sitting with the other 10-year-olds who think so,” Marcie said.

“There won’t be any 10-year-olds in this theater,” he said. “This movie’s rated ‘R.’ This won’t be a repeat of Big Hero 6.”

They sat, front row center, and looked up at the screen. She had to admit that Jacob was right; the screen did fill their vision. Unfortunately, she also knew that their vision would also be blurry and skewed. “How do I let you talk me into things like this?” she asked.

“Because I’m filled with good ideas,” he said.

“No, pretty sure that’s not it,” she said, and held his hand.