42. ElevatorIf there would have been a way to slam an elevator door shut on someone with no blowback, Barry would have done it in a heartbeat. Office politics being what they were, though, he had to hold the door as Chuck came running up the hall carrying a file folder.

It was going to be a long 10-floor ride.

“Hey, Barry — didn’t think you saw me there for minute,” Chuck said.

“Yeah. Well.”

“Oh, I had another idea,” Chuck said. “I think you’ll really dig this one….”

Technically, Barry was Chuck’s supervisor, but Chuck was also the CEO’s nephew. Chuck wasn’t a bad guy and, as far as anyone knew, wasn’t looking for favoritism. No one was really sure where the line was, though, and Chuck was trying a little too hard to show his worth by taking more initiative than necessary. Last week, he developed and implemented a new filing system that had confused everyone. The week before, he put a couple of extra fields in the CRM database that crashed the system for a day. Barry finally told him to clear any new ideas through him, and immediately regretted it.

“So, my idea was to make the salespeople fill out a form daily to track their activities” Chuck said, pulling said form out of the folder.

Barry could already hear the complaints.

“Chuck, you don’t have to try this hard,” Barry said.

“Oh, I know,” he said. “I just need to show my uncle that I’m ready.”