40. Virtues“C’mon, man – ‘patience is a virtue’ and all that,” Jeb said.

“You know what else is a virtue? Having the balls to do something that needs doing.”

Bill was in a mood, and Jeb didn’t know if he was going to be able to talk him out of it this time.

“I’m not sure that’s actually a virtue,” Jeb said. “Especially when it comes to your ex-wife’s boyfriend.”

Bill whirled on Jeb. “First, she’s not my ex-wife. Not yet. We’re just separated. Second, the fact that she found a boyfriend so soon after she left means that she already had a boyfriend. They’re just now brave enough to go public with it. What’s there to be ‘patient’ about?”

Jeb wondered if Bill didn’t have a point. Just because he had a temper didn’t mean he was wrong. But, even if he were right, what would be the point of letting him go get into trouble that, as mad as he was, could be bad for everyone concerned?

“Cool down for a minute,” he finally said. “You’re going to do something you’ll regret. Let’s go get a beer.” Jeb regretted saying that last bit; alcohol probably wasn’t the missing ingredient needed for this particular disaster.

“Don’t ‘handle’ me, Jeb,” Bill said. “Haven’t you ever felt the need to deliver a richly deserved ass kicking?”

“Fine,” he said, tired of playing counselor. “Your anger is the reason she ended it with you. Now go prove her right, you idiot.”