34. WoodsMaria had loved the woods since she was a small girl. Her parents took her camping at least once a year, and she was always glad to go. The woods were a place of wonder and mystery to her, and during stressful times in her life, she imagined just walking out into the woods and getting herself lost there, where no one could find her.

The reality of it was less than relaxing, he quickly found out.

“Let’s just keep walking in a straight line,” Ian said. “The is America. We’ll hit a road before too long. Hell, we’ll probably find a Wal-Mart.”

Maria hadn’t really wanted to go off the path too far, but it was her first camping trip with Ian, and he had seemed less than enthused about going. The fact that exploring off the path seemed to excite him was enough for her to ignore that small voice of caution in her head.

After four hours of trying to find their way back, that voice wasn’t as small as it had been.

Maria knew how big these woods were, how easy it was to get turned around and how people tended to walk in big circles instead of straight lines. She was pretty sure they had already been in this area a couple of hours ago.

“I can’t believe we haven’t hit a path yet,” Ian said.

“This isn’t a public park,” Maria said. The sun was getting ominously low, and they had no supplies.