33. LP“You are such a hipster,” Leah said.

“I’m not a hipster,” Pete said.

“Said the hipster with the mustache telling me that vinyl is an ‘under appreciated’ medium. Dude, you are the very definition of ‘hipster.’ I could look it up in a dictionary, and there you’d be, under ‘hipster,’ explaining why dead-tree dictionaries are better than online dictionaries.”

“All I said was that LPs offer an extra dynamic range that digital media can’t match,” Pete said as he went over to the shelf and pulled out an album seemingly at random. Leah had know him long enough, though, to know that the “random” album would be one specially selected to make his argument — in this case, it was 1983’s Peter Gabriel Plays Live.

He took one of the albums — it was a two disk set — carefully, achingly slowly, out of its sleeve, placed it on the turntable, started it spinning, took out a felt brush out to knock off any dust, and then placed the needle — achingly slowly — on the first track. With a slight pop, “The Rhythm of the Heat” started playing.

“Hear that?” Pete asked. “That….”

“Don’t say ‘warmth,’” Leah said. “A hipster would say ‘warmth.’”

“I was going to say ‘ineffable quality’.”

“That’s worse,” Leah said. “I hear pops, crackles and something I couldn’t listen to in the car or jogging.”

“It’s all about practicality with you, isn’t it?”

“Obviously not,” she said. “I’m here with you, aren’t I?”

And then she kissed him.