7. No Outlet“Well, this doesn’t look right.”

“Oh, you think? What tipped you off?”

“The ‘No Outlet’ sign.”

Jay sighed, counted to 10, and then exhaled again, calmer. Kathy sighed, watched him count to 10, and wondered what she was doing with her life. It wasn’t that he didn’t listen to her directions. He didn’t really listen to anything she said, so why should her directions be any different? It was the sense that he always knew better. About everything. All the time.

Kathy looked at him, this man she had been married to for the last 15 years of her life, and wondered what she had to show for it. Two kids, whom she loved and treasured, but what else? A mortgage? A house in a good-ish neighborhood? A seat on the PTA board?

What where her dreams before she met Jay? It both angered and frightened her that she couldn’t come up with them right away. Were they really buried so deep?

She had wanted to be a musician, something her parents had tried to discourage. She picked up playing the piano and guitar fairly quickly and believed she had a good ear. Her parents had begged, pleaded and demanded that she learn something that made some money, though, so she studied to be an elementary school teacher. When she met Jay in college, her relieved parents gave their blessing.

As Jay backed the car down the “No Outlet” road, Kathy looked at her husband and saw her life.