2. Picture Frame
Brad fidgeted in the chair across the desk from his boss. The chair, he decided, was intentionally uncomfortable, with a spring poking him in the butt in such a way that there was no good way to position himself.

His boss, Jeremy, was laying into him about some report he didn’t file correctly. Brad knew that the report was practically meaningless, but was one of the few things Jeremy had control over. Jeremy, who had failed upwards, was territorial about the few things in his domain.

As Jeremy’s raged, Brad started looking around the office, trying to focus on something, anything, other than Jeremy’s hissy fit.

His eyes finally came to rest on a picture frame on Jeremy’s desk. He could only see the back of it. Wife? Kids? Would someone actually marry and/or reproduce with Jeremy? What would that be like?

As Jeremy said something Brad knew he should nod at, Brad made a mental note to take his new job search from “passive” to “active.” He then went back to the photo. A yellowed photo of him and his dad with a fish? Was his dad responsible for Jeremy’s personality? Was it a picture of a dog? Maybe it was the dog’s birthday, and he was wearing a birthday hat.

As Jeremy dismissed him or, more accurately, told him to “get out of my sight,” Brad knew that the main focus of his remaining time at the company was to get a look at the photo.