4. For Lease“C’mon, it’ll be awesome!”

“You say it’ll be awesome, but all I’m seeing is a big fat risk.”

“No risk, no reward!”

They walked around the property again. Meg wanted to see everything before they called the number on the sign and submitted to what she was sure would be the hard sell. Andrew had told her about it, in exacting, excited detail, but she had to see it with her own eyes, walk it with her own legs.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Meg asked.

“Yes!” Andrew walked over to her, put his left arm around her waist and gestured to the future with his right. “This is going to be where it all starts.”

“You’ve already started,” she said.

“I mean really starts,” he said, enthusiasm refusing to be dashed. “I’m tired, Meg. I’m tired of working for someone else, making someone else money, being a cog in someone else’s machine. We’ve got orders. We’ve got interest. What we don’t have is that all-in commitment that we need. We need to burn the boats on the shore. We need to make sure we are doing this.”

“I’m just afraid that handcrafted yo-yos aren’t going to be a growth business,” Meg said.

“We’ll diversify before the market gets soft. We can make anything. We’re just starting with yo-yos.”

Andrew could see that she still wasn’t convinced.

“You’ll be able to park in the garage again….”

“Fine. Call the number.”