15. DriveMarty didn’t usually go to the park during his lunch hour, but the day was so nice that it beckoned to him to go enjoy it. As he walked around the lake, making the final turn back towards his car, he saw it — a USB thumb drive laying in the grass.

The small piece of tech almost seemed to jump out at him. It probably hadn’t been there long; someone else would have picked up, he imagined.

It was in a place where people liked to lay and soak up sun on a day like today, and probably had fallen out of a pocket.

Marty picked it up. It was an older drive; it only held 2 gigabytes. Tiny by modern standards — Marty had one on his keyring that held 32 gigabytes and only paid $20 for it. Still, the curiosity was there. What was on the drive? It wouldn’t hold a lot of media, but it would hold oceans of pages. Was it someone’s novel? An important report? Backups of emails from a lover? Pictures of the owner’s kids? MP3s of a favorite album?

He wondered if he should leave it where it was. Maybe the owner would come back looking for it once it had been missed. But, what if it rained? What if someone who wasn’t as conscientious as he was found it?

Marty put it in his pocket and decided to see if he could find the owner by the contents. He enjoyed a good puzzle.