14. OutageAdam hated when the power went out.

The entire house just came to a stop, except for all the computer power supplies that beeped, letting him know that something was amiss.

He didn’t need the alarms, though. The house just suddenly felt too quiet, like it had lost its heartbeat.

He half expected the power to go out during storms, or even on especially windy days since his was an older neighborhood, with tree limbs just looking for an excuse to come down. This time was a puzzle, though. It was a clear blue day, with only a hint of a breeze.

When Adam heard the sirens a few moments later, though, he had an idea of what had happened.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and since his plans of watching the baseball game on television had been scuttled, he decided to take a walk towards the sirens and see for himself.

Three blocks away, a car was on its side, and the truck that put it there had gone on to clip the telephone pole with his neighborhood’s main transformer. A couple of police cars, an ambulance and a firetruck were on the scene, tending to the wounded and making sure no one crispy fried themselves on the live wire on the ground.

There being nothing for him to do there, Adam walked back to his house. He pulled out a book he had been meaning to get to, sat out on the porch, and waited as he read.